Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vintage bolero pattern-I

I just looove Casey's blog: Elegant Musings
she is just so talented and her vintage looks always inspire me :)

A while back Casey posted about a two-seam top (which I still intend on making)
Someone commented on this post by adding a link to a website with vintage patterns which also had a very similar two-seam top on it..
I purchased that pattern and still (as I said) want to make it..but then I saw another vintage pattern on that website which intrigued me..the Vintage 1950's Circle Bolero Pattern

So I set out to make it :)
After some research online (I'm a cheapskate, I know) I found a picture of the "pattern"  (most vintage patterns are more descriptions than patterns anyway)

So it says to simply cut out two circles (with two smaller circles inside as armholes) and sew them together and add some buttons so you can close the bolero..

I thought why go through the trouble of cutting two circles and than sewing them together if I can just cut them out together:
So I just let the circles overlap and only cut the black lines.
From my stack of grandma's fabric I had some really nice white fabric with white flowers woven into I used that to make the bolero out of..

Right now I'm still finishing it and adding some personal touches to those pics are still to follow..but I already wanted to share this with y' really shows sewing doesn't have to be complicated..but boy..I wish I would think of things like these :)


Since baby is still having fun in my belly I still have time on my hands to work on my projects :)
Since I want to nurse baby I figured it would be handy to have some shirts which open in the front..but (of course) I don't like traditional shirts..I think they just look a little bit too formal and I decided to change things up a little bit

I had this blue button down sleeveless shirt with cute blue glass buttons
I took the top two buttons off (since I never button it up all the way anyway) and cut the collar off
Than I altered the collar to form a sort of a bow and sewed it onto the front of the shirt..adding one of the glass buttons to keep it in place J

So easy peasy but looks different and fun I think J

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Summer dress

My parents are cleaning out their garage and it turns out there was a whole bunch of sewing stuff from my grandma in there..I'm talking appliances, zippers, fabric, yarn..everything...
So my mom was kind enough to go through it all and supply me with a few boxes full of good stuff (thanks mommy!)

From this lovely floral fabric I decided to make myself a summer dress (see below)

Thanks to my sewing mannequin I draped and pinned and than sewed, rather than using a sewing pattern..let me know what you guys think of the results (obviously you'll have to to with these pics for now..because I am way not skinny enough at this time to model anything like this :))